Monday, 4 May 2015

YCK - Yayasan Chow Kit

Oleh : Syed Azmi

I am not Mr Nice Guy apparently.

Sorry if this hurts you.

I was at Yayasan Chow Kit the other day and wrote about it.

Received a very proper but hurtful phone call.
"Mi, tu rumah untuk anak pelacur and scums of KL streets eh?"

-Well, not all but yes some are. Would you want to donate.

"No lah, just checking. Many more organisations that we could promote, these children are from you know unfortunate parents."

-Eh, these are kids lah, they are precious and amazing. I saw their art work. Simply needs some nudge. Maybe you can share your talent with them. Once a month aje.

"Eh, I think gelilah, the thought of these kids and where they come from, I might be uncomfortable. Buat fitnah aje. The kids ok ke"

-The kids are fine. These kids are just like your kids lah. Sama aje.

"Ermm Mi, are you calling my kids ni sama like them, as in anak-anak pelacur and scums?"

-If the shoe fits.

Toot toot toot toot.

I am not angry.
Ok, lapar. Jom breakfast.

My name is Syed Azmi and as much as I try to be nice, there is a limit. Help them please.

As per today, registered 78, age 7-12yo

40kids home schooling.

20-25 kids in house resident.

Details Tokey LurveSweet Alya This lady is amazing.
Alia 0132513211

p/s : siapa lah kita nak hukum mereka?


  1. thank you for sharing. I wish the residents, the kids who rely on this shelter and the supporters of this shelter a blessed life and live after death.

    Anyway, memang typical human being kan? Suka hentam budak2, anak2, bila kita ada dendam atau hina kat mak bapak dorang.

    1. Pelakon ida nerina selalu dtg jenguk YCK ni

  2. semoga mereka besar nanti jadi2 anak2 yang berjaya. amin

  3. info yang berguna untuk posting ni...semoga anak-anak ni berjaya dan diberkati...amin

  4. itu caller memerlukan tendangan di atas muka beliau really hard,

  5. Respek pada penulis dan mereka2 yang menguruskan Yayasan ini..